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A Solo Canoe Trip to Catfish Lake via the Nipissing River from Brent in Algonquin Park

On 2011 August 29 through September 01, Bob undertook a four day, three night solo canoe trip in northern Algonquin Park. He started at Brent on Cedar Lake, travelled up the Nipissing River, crossed over to Catfish Lake via Luckless Lake and returned to Brent through Narrowbag Lake and the Petawawa River. The primary objective of the trip was simply to get out in the bush, while the secondary objective was to attempt to determine if there were any identifying marks on the remains of the alligator tug on Catfish Lake

For a description of the trip, see Trip Log - Brent, Nipissing River, Catfish lake in Algonquin Park. This photo gallery tells the same story but with more pictures and many less words.