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A Solo Canoe Trip From Brent To Catfish Lake in Algonquin Park

A photo gallery illustrating a four day, three night solo canoe trip in northern Algonquin Park, from Brent on Cedar Lake to Catfish Lake and return. Bob started at Brent, crossed Cedar Lake, ascended the Petawawa River and portaged around the waterfall and the timber slide. He camped on the river just above the timber slide. The next day, he continued upriver, completed the Stacks Rapids portage, paddled the length of Narrowbag Lake and portaged into Catfish Lake. He camped for two nights on Catfish Lake, taking advantage of the non-travelling day to explore the lake. On the last day, he returned as he had come, completing the journey back to Cedar Lake and Brent on the same day. This trip was characterized by being hot (~30C), humid, and windy.

For a more complete description (with more words but less pictures) see Trip Log: Brent to Catfish Lake