Algonquin Route Planner

The Algonquin Route Planner determines one or more canoe routes connecting two selected locations jn Algonquin Park and provides statistics about distances and portage. It determines the shortest route between the two points and may provide alternatives.

This application is intended soley to calculate the approximate distance by canoe between locations in Algonquin Park. These data may assit you in planning your trip. The output of this routine is not meant to be taken as route reccomendations. The judgement as to the practicality, safety, and suitability of a particular route is entirely your responsibility.

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While some will find this interface more convenient, it is not properly supported by all browsers. If you are having difficulties with this interface, return to Algonquin Route Planner (standard interface).



There are many aspects of this planner that can be improved. This version is being released to get some operational feedback and to make it available for the upcoming canoe season.