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Looking down MacDonald Creek from atop the cliff on Tarn Lake in Algonquin Park

(photo by Diana: 2012-09-11) 

We think this location has possibilities in the absence of the tree cover. But certainly this view is not quite right. But perhaps if we were a little lower and ...

This photo is taken from about the same spot as our photo illustrating View from a Height, that is, on the cliff overlooking Tarn Lake. When we visited Tarn Lake, we didn't have a copy of this sketch with us as it hadn't occurred to us that Tarn Lake was a possibility. In spring 2015, some of our canoeing friends returned to Tarn Lake with a copy of this sketch in hand. They provided us with some more intriguing, but still not convincing, photos. We will attempt a return to Tarn Lake, but it is a hard trip for us old folks.

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