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Old lumber dam on Carcajou Creek in Algonquin Park

(photo by Diana: 2015-06-25) 

The remains of the Old lumber dam on Carcajou Creek. It is now more of a beaver dam but there is no doubt that it formerly was a lumber dam (rock piles, old spikes, etc.)

Is this the lumber dam depicted in the painting? We believe that it may be. However, a certain amount of 'hand waving' is necessary to make the case. Most importantly, the background hill -- although not well shown in this photo -- is appropriately shaped and is in the correct location relative to the dam. However, to match the hill to the painting, you need to assume that Thomson purposely exaggerated the verticality. He may also have exaggerated the height of the dam. This sort of exaggeration to increase drama of the painting occurs in many of Thomson's works.

The actual view depicted in the painting is no longer available; the painting location is completely overgrown.

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