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Narrows between Carcajou Creek and Lower Spectacle Lake

(photo by Diana: 2015-06-26) 

Narrows between Carcajou Creek and Lower Spectacle Lake. While not obvious from the above photograph, we are reasonably convinced that this is the location of the above painting. We will return to take a more convincing photo next spring before the vegetation returns. (It is not obvious from the photo that there is a small bay behind the near cliff on the far shore as in the painting. Also, in Thomson's time there would have been a dam at Carcajou Falls and thus the water level depicted in the painting would differ from the modern level. This photo was taken from our canoe; the painting location is no doubt up on the shore.)

This location is consistent with MacCallum's description of the location. By "Petawawa", MacCallum no doubt meant the Barron River which was then known as the South Branch of the Petawawa River. The modern convention is that the Barron River flows out of Clemow Lake into Grand Lake. However, it is not difficult to believe that MacCallum was referring to Carcajou Creek as the Petawawa. The watercourse between Carcajou Falls and Lower Spectacle Lake is not on Carcajou Creek, but is "near" its mouth.

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