Northern Flying Squirrel -- Glaucomys sabrinus

Last evening, one of our bird feeders was raided by a Northern Flying Squirrel — Glaucomys sabrinus.

2004 January 22

Flying squirrels are quite common locally but they are not often seen because they are nocturnal. (We used to see them a lot more frequently a few years back when they were living in our attic. We evicted them when their 3 a.m. parties got too frequent.)

They are amazing little creatures — so agile and so fast. They make red squirrels seem clumsy. And their shy retiring personality is somewhat more endearing.

Northern Flying Squirrel  Glaucomys sabrinus

A Northern Flying Squirrel — Glaucomys sabrinus enjoying a feed of sunflower seeds outside our living room window.

While flying squirrels visit us regularly, I have yet to get a good photo. The displayed photo was the best of about 10 attempts last evening. Despite a 1 second exposure time, the shot was significantly underexposed and required major post-processing to pull the squirrel out of the darkness.

While I believe this to be a Northern Flying Squirrel — Glaucomys sabrinus, I can't eliminate the possibility that it is a Southern Flying Squirrel — Glaucomys volans.