Snow Shadows

A photo gallery of snow shadows and shapes

2004 February 02

We've turned the corner. Spring is coming. The sun is higher. The light is brighter. Some of the shrubs are starting to take on a little colour. But any ground hog out and about today will be predicting 6 more weeks of winter.

snow melting on rock in Petawawa Research Forest

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The sun is working its magic. Even though the temperature is well below zero, the snow is melting back on this southern exposure.

snow shadows in Petawawa Research Forest

Natural abstracts abound.

snow shadows in Petawawa Research Forest

One of the joys of snow-shoeing in the Petawawa Research Forest is the unbroken snow. You rarely encounter anyone. A single skier has been along here earlier in the season. And more recently, a fox.

snow shapes in Petawawa Research Forest

Of course, the price of unbroken snow is having to continually break trail.

snow covered forest floor in Petawawa Research Forest

What lies beneath?