Finding Wally
Local Kayaker Found Safe at Indian Point

On Thanksgiving Monday Wally, a local kayaker, undertook a late afternoon paddle across the Ottawa River to climb Mount Martin. Unfortunately, on the way back down he took a wrong turn and, due to falling darkness, was forced to spend a cold and uncomfortable night in the Quebec bush. The next morning, he made his way to the shore of the river somewhat upstream of Indian Point. On the way back to his kayak, he encountered a group of his friends and neighbours who were awaiting the arrival of the Quebec Provincial Police to begin a search. He was cold and somewhat chastened, but otherwise fine.

2004 October 12

cold morning at Indian Point

(photo by Bob: 0000-00-00 - explore

It was a cold misty morning. -2C overnight. Wally was missing.

Many friends and neighbours gathered at Indian point

Many friends and neighbours gathered at Indian point.


(including Wally)

Wally talking to crowd

"What's the big fuss about? So, I took a slightly more complicated route than I'd planned, but I made it back without assistance."

boat arriving

The Quebec Provincial Police Officer arrives (with some able local assistants).

ETB personnel and retired Bob

Environmental Technologies Branch from Chalk River Labs was ready to assist.

boat with Wally leaving

Heading home, safe and sound. That's Wally, hunkered down in the middle — third from the right.

two boats leaving

Mission accomplished.