Ottawa River Ice Out

This year, the Ottawa River was ice free (ice out) at Point Alexander by April 13. However, Deep River was still ice bound on April 16.

2005 April 16

This year has seen a gentle end to winter. Although we received a big dump of snow in early March, most of the last six weeks has been characterized by cold nights and sunny days. The Ottawa River is clearing on about its normal schedule, but the ice is lingering somewhat because of the lack of rain or wind to help it on its way.

view upstream towards Presquisle Bay

The Ottawa River at Point Alexander has been essentially ice free since April 13. This photo from April 14 shows the view upstream towards Presqu'isle Bay. The two silver maple shrubs that mark the "point" of Point Alexander can be seen just at the right hand edge of the ice.

view upstream towards Point Alexander from Pine Point

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But on April 14, the river was still ice covered at Pine Point.

ice covered river at Deep River
ice covered river at Deep River

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And the ice cover at Deep River was pretty solid — although I did see one intrepid kayaker plying the shoreline water that evening.

view towards Mount Martin with ice flows

Edge of Ice: By the afternoon of April 16, the transition between open water and ice had almost reached Pine Point. This shot was taken from the middle of the river, about half way between Point Alexander and Deep River, looking downstream towards Mount Martin. Upstream the river is clear; downstream, it is clogged with ice.

shrub maples at Pine Point under water

The river is rising; The "point" of Point Alexander is now under water.

Addendum: The ice went out at Deep River on 2005 April 17.