A Pair of Peregrines
Falco peregrinus

Recently while out exploring, I encountered a pair of peregrine falcons (Falco peregrinus).

2005 June 12

Over the last several years, there have been sightings of peregrine falcons (Falco peregrinus) in the general Deep River area. For example, a few years back one was observed feasting on a gull in the parking lot of the local funeral home. Further, one of my earliest Bush Log postings concerned a possible peregrine sighting.

Recently while out exploring, I encountered a pair of peregrines. This time, there was no doubt as to identification.

Peregrine falcon  Falco peregrinus

There was a pair of them. They were together but a few trees apart. I heard them before I saw them. I did not see a nest.

Peregrine falcon  Falco peregrinus

They did not seem particularly fearful or upset about my presence. But neither were they particularly cooperative about posing. I was very pleased when I checked my pictures when I got home as I didn't think that I had got anything useable.

Peregrine falcon  Falco peregrinus

I guess he decided I was too big for breakfast.

Peregrine falcon  Falco peregrinus

Whether it was intentional or not, every time that they moved or perched, they moved such that I would be looking (photographing) directly into the sun.

In retrospect, I realize that I have met this pair before. About two weeks ago, I was looking for wildflowers in the same general area. My presence was objected to by a pair of noisy, but elusive, raptors. But the cry was the same. I also remember finding the remains of a gull on the ground.