A Canadian Election Primer

The details change. The characters change. But the issues remain the same.

Settling The Account

The arbitrators appointed to decide the dispute between Canada and the United States in reference to the Fisheries had awarded the sum of $5,500,000 to the Dominion as compensation for damages sustained at the hands of American fishermen. To this award Mr. Kellogg, the American representative, had dissented, and had afterwards sought to invalidate the award on the grounds that the decision had not been unanimous. The United States had not at that time -- and have not yet -- paid to England the large balance remaining from the Geneva award, promptly paid by the latter Power in connection with the "Alabama" claims.

J.W. Bengough cartoon: Settling The Account

Jonathan -- "Crawl out of that loop-hole? Hunkerside? Never! Kellogg, Never! I'll pay them the award nobly -- with their own money!"

(The piece of paper held by Mr. Kellogg reads:
Treaty of Washington
Loop Hole
Mustn’t the award of the arbitrators be unanimous?
An open question.")

Published in the Grit, December 1st, 1877.