The Graydon Family of Streetsville, Ontario, Canada

William Graydon, my great great great grandfather, emigrated to Streetsville from Fermanagh, Ireland in 1843, accompanied by his family. His son William T. Graydon was my great great grandfather.

The family of William T. Graydon, of Streetsville in the mid 1880s

The family of William T. Graydon, of Streetsville in the mid 1880s.
In the back row, from left to right are: Margaret (Maggie), Alice (Al), William J (Will) and Elizabeth (Lizzie).
In the second row: Charlotte (Lottie), William T. Graydon and his wife Elizabeth (my great great grandparents), and Sarah Jane (Zoe, my great grandmother).
In front is Ida (Di).


Attempted Burglary at the Graydon Boot Shop

In the early hours of a Saturday morning in late June, 1888, William T. Graydon and his son, William J. Graydon, foiled two burglars attempting to break into the Graydon boot shop on Queen Street in Streetsville. The senior Graydon received three bullet wounds in the encounter, causing him to miss the wedding of his daughter, Sarah Jane, a few days later. However, he made a full recovery and lived until 1909. A newspaper account of the incident is presented here.

Sarah Wright

Sarah Wright of Londonderry, Ireland, emigrated to Canada with her family, living first in York (now Toronto) and later in Streetsville, Ontario. Her daughter Elizabeth married William T. Graydon of Streetsville.