The Graydon Family of Streetsville, Ontario, Canada

Sarah Wright of Londonderry, Ireland, emigrated to Canada with her family, living first in York (now Toronto) and later in Streetsville, Ontario. Her daughter Elizabeth married William T. Graydon of Streetsville.

Sarah Wright

picture of Sarah Wright

Sarah Wright. In her right hand, she holds a picture of a child, possibly her daughter who died in infancy; in her left hand, she holds what appears to be a sprig of ivy. (late 1800's)

Sarah Wright (my great great great grandmother) was born Sarah Campbell McIvor in Londonderry, Ireland, on July 12, 1800. She married John Wright, also of Londonderry, in 1818. In 1834 they emigrated to Canada with their three children, settling in York. They had three more children, one of whom died in infancy. In January 1838, John Wright was killed in the William Lyon Mackenzie Rebellion. Sarah was left with four children ranging in age from 4 to 16; a fifth child was born in July of that year. When the fighting was over, she and her family moved to a farm near Streetsville, Ontario. Sarah Wright's second daughter, Elizabeth (my great great grandmother), later married William T. Graydon, a bootmaker in Streetsville.

tintype of Sarah Wright and Elizabeth Graydon

Elizabeth Wright Graydon and Sarah Wright (late 1800's)

Elizabeth and William Graydon had one son and six daughters. Their daughter Sarah Jane ("Zoe") was my great grandmother.

picture of Sarah Wright, Elizabeth Graydon, Zoe Magill, and William Magill.

Elizabeth Graydon (standing), Sarah Jane ("Zoe") Graydon Magill (seated, left), Sarah Wright (seated, right), William Graydon Magill (in Sarah Jane's lap). William was Sarah Jane's oldest child, born in October, 1891, so this picture would have been taken some time in 1892. Here Sarah Wright also holds in her right hand the same child's picture as in the photograph at the top of the page.

In her later years, Sarah Wright lived near Streetsville with her youngest son Alex. She died February 14, 1902 at the age of 102. Four of her children survived her; one, Samuel, lived to the age of 104.

front of funeral card announcing death of Sarah Wright on February 14, 1902

Card announcing the death of Sarah Wright (front)

back of funeral card announcing death of Sarah Wright on February 14, 1902

Card announcing the death of Sarah Wright (back)

A few notes on place names: Toronto was the original name of the settlement on the site of the present city of Toronto. It was changed to York by Governor John Graves Simcoe in 1793, then back to Toronto in 1834. Toronto Township was an area at the mouth of the Credit River in Peel County. Most of Toronto Township is now included in the city of Mississauga.