Map of

Algonquin National Park of Ontario

W.D.M. Bell, M.D. 1908

Reproduced here is the 1908 Map of Algonquin Park by W.D.M. Bell, M.D.

The map is presented here for historical interest only. It goes without saying that it should not be used for navigational purposes. Most of the man-made features -- roads, trails, portages, railways, dams, cabins, etc -- have changed significantly, or more commonly disappeared, in the last 100 years.

Many of the names on this map are no longer in current use. For a discussion of names of features in Algonquin Park, see: Names of Algonquin, Stories Behind the Lake and Place Names of Algonquin Provincial Park, Algonquin Park Technical Bulletin No. 10. by G.D. Garland, and published by the Friends of Algonquin Park. This map is cited as one of the sources for that publication.

It should also be noted that this map predates the major eastern expansion of the park that occurred in 1914. Consequenty, Grand lake, Achray, Lake Travers, Basin Depot, etc. are not included within the map's coverage.

The actual map is paper -- it appears to be some sort of "blue print" process -- but this copy had been separated into rectangles and mounted on linen. This has helped to preserve the map and it facilitated its scanning. The scanned map was the property of Frank Morris, schoolteacher and noted naturalist from Peterborough, Ontario

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