The McElroy Family of Richmond, Ontario, Canada

This is a letter from Anne Rooney to Henry McElroy of Richmond, Upper Canada. It is important because it provides evidence relating to Henry's siblings. It establishes that William, John and Anne (Rooney) are siblings of Henry and that William died 1833 October 3. It may also be that "Betty" was another sister. From another letter, John Dinsmore to Henry McElroy, 1844, we can deduce that Henry's sister Mary Anne would have been deceased by 1834, and further she had married William Dinsmore, not Mickle Rooney. Thus I conclude that Henry had both a sister Anne and a sister Mary Anne. Since Mary Anne was not alive in 1834, it follows that she would not be mentioned in this letter.

The letter is transcribed as written

Letter from Anne Rooney to Henry McElroy of Richmond, Upper Canada, 1834

Image of Address on letter from Anne Rooney to Henry McElroy of Richmond, Upper Canada, 1834.

Address on letter from Anne Rooney to Henry McElroy of Richmond, Upper Canada, 1834. Note, just to the left of "Muckleroy", the faint impression of a postmark. The remains of the seal can be seen towards the bottom centre right.

The letter was addressed to:

Mr. Henry Muckleroy
Upper Canada,
North America

My Dear Brother

I take this favorable opportunity of writing to you hoping that it will find you and your family in good health as we are all at present. Thank god for it. Dear Henry Iam sorry to inform you of the death of brother William that died on the 3rd of October last very sudden. Was only two days ill and left the 3 wife and 4 children. Dear Henry we all thought it very strange that you never rote to any of us so long a time. We were thinking that you were dead but trust in God that it will find you happy and well and at the same time dear Henry, I hope when you receive this that letter that you will favour me with a letter as I will be very unhappy until I hear from you. Dear Henry, the last account I got from Castle William that brother John and family were all well but James Magilvrey is dead and that Betty is still living and as well as can be expected. I saw her last summer. Dear Henry I hope you will favour me so far as to serve the bearer of this letter as he is a poor honest man if Dear Henry, you will please to direct your letter to the care of Captain [..?..], Heath Hall newry for Micle Rooney as he is our landlord No more at present from your affectionate brother and sister,

Micle and Anne Rooney.

March 25th, 1834

Notes: The original letter is reasonably legible, but there are some difficult-to-decipher passages and cross outs. To the extent reasonable, I have preserved the spelling and grammar of the original. Punctuation is essentially absent in the original.

I assume Castle William is Castlewellan.

Newry is about 14 miles WSW of Castlewellan.

This letter also bears an additonal signature, in a different handwriting and ink which appears to read "John McElroy, Richmond". (The name is relatively clear, the location less so). I have no reasonable explanation for this signature. I can only assume that it was a notation added later.