The McElroy Family of Richmond, Ontario, Canada

Letter Announcing the Birth of William McElroy

At the time of the birth of William McElroy, Patrick McElroy was on a trip to Quebec. The following day, Eliza Craig (McElroy) wrote him a letter announcing the event. That letter is reproduced here.

Letter from Eliza Craig to Patrick McElroy announcing the birth of William McElroy

Richmond, 17th June 1848

Dear Husband

We were all very happy to hear of your safe arrival in Bytown and trust that you will have as good success on the rest of your journey. Everything here is going according to the directions which you left us.

On Friday about eleven o'clock we had an addition to the Family, a son, doing as well as can be expected. Mr. Mallock has not arrived here yet but is expected next week. Tell Mr. Brown that his family are all well. We have no other particulars to state but will anxiously await an answer from you. Hoping that you are well and that you will return to us in safety. We all send our kind love and affection to you and will ever remain

Your very affectionate

Wife and Family

Eliza McElroy