Family Trees

Descendants of John Dinsmore and Mary Anne Jackson

Rostrevor, County Down, Ireland

This page identifies some of the descendants of John Dinsmore who was the nephew of my great great great grandfather, Henry McElroy. Henry's sister, Mary Ann and her husband, William Dinsmore died young, leaving John and his sister Margaret as orphans. Essentially all that I know about John Dinsmore is based on a Letter from John Dinsmore of Rostrevor, County Down, Ireland to Henry McElroy of Richmond, Upper Canada.

I have recently learned that while John never made it to Canada, four of his sons did and his descendants are well represented in Canada, today. The Dinsmore brothers that emigrated to Canada were: Arthur, Joseph, James (Frederick?) and Edward.

To the best of my knowledge, nothing further is known of the family of John's sister Margaret Dinsmore.

Due to privacy considerations, this page does not knowingly include any living descendants.


While this table lists some of the descendants of John Dinsmore, there are many who are not included in the above listing. I would appreciate learning of these descendants so that I may include them here. I may be contacted at

I am indebted to Kelly Dinsmore for informing me of the family of John Dinsmore and of their emigration to Canada.