The McElroy Family of Richmond, Ontario, Canada

The Irish Ancestors of Henry McElroy

Henry McElroy was born at Drumgooland Parish, County Down, Ireland on May 1, 1774. He was the son of William, born circa 1750. We have some knowledge of his family and relatives living in the townlands of Leitrim, Benraw and Leganany in that century. That knowledge is summarized here.

Much of the following is derived from the report McElroy Ancestors in 18th century Drumgooland Parish commissioned by my father.

The earliest reference found to the name McElroy in the Parish was in a Survey Map of Leitrim dated 1727 which records "Muckleroy's quarter". The next reference, dated 1742, mentions William, Patrick and John McElroy holding farms in Leitrim.

It is tempting to assume that the above mentioned William is Henry's grandfather, but that is pure speculation.

William McElroy's Familly in Drumgooland Parish, late 18th century


That Betty, wife of James Magilvrey, is a McElroy and sister of Henry is speculative.

The descendants of Henry are the focus of this web site and are discussed extensively elsewhere.

Four of John Dinsmore's son emigrated to Canada and his line is traceable to the present. John Dinsmore's descendants will be detailed on a separate page (under construction).

I am indebted to Kelly Dinsmore for informing me of the family of John Dinsmore and of their emigration to Canada.