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Mark in the Park is now offering Guided Trips

2018 March 25

We are pleased to see that our friend Mark Rubino (of Mark in the Park fame) is now offering guided trips in Algonquin Park (markinthepark / seeking solitude / guided trips).

Mark is a great guy, very knowledgeable about canoe tripping and winter camping. To get an idea of his extensive experience in the Park, check out some of his trip logs: markinthepark / seeking solitude / trip logs. We are confident that he will provide a quality service.

Algonquin Park  Stratton Lake
Algonquin Park  Stratton Lake
Algonquin Park  Stratton Lake
Algonquin Park  Opalescent Lake
Algonquin Park  Brain Lake
Algonquin Park  Brain Lake

photo set

Algonquin Park Brain Lake Opalescent Lake Stratton Lake

Petawawa Research Forest - Celebrating 100 Years

2018 March 21

The first inventory of the Petawawa Forest Experiment Station began in the spring of 1917 and the first research project was initiated in 1918. A new video (~4 min.) overview of the forest has just been released. See Petawawa Research Forest - Celebrating 100 Years.

For a history of the Petawawa Research Forest, see I.C.M. Place (2002), 75 Years of Research in the Woods, A History of Petawawa Forest Experiment Station and Petawawa National Forestry Institute, General Store Publishing House.

Petawawa Research Forest

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What has happened to "What's New"?

2018 March 15

What's New is being replaced by News. While What's New will continue to exist -- at least for a while -- links to it will eventually disappear. News is still under active development and thus its behaviour may be a little quirky at times.

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New Map Added to the Archive of Historic Algonquin Maps

2018 February 13

Another map has been added to the archive of historic maps - a 1941 version of the Arthur Brown map. This was sent to us by John Stewart who was given it by Glenn Buckmaster, a longtime Algonquin Outfitter employee. The original map has been donated to the Algonquin Park Museum. Many thanks to John for this contribution.

Also, the Algonquin Park 1958 Fishing Guide was missing from our original set of historic maps. It has now been restored to the archive.

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