Reduced Map Functionality (temporary)

2018 May 13

Google has recently announced new terms and conditions for use of its maps api. Unfortunately,, as a non-profit, personal website, is unwilling to accept these new terms. The consequence is that, in early June, all of the dynamic maps on this site will cease to function or will have reduced functionality.

We are hopeful that all of this functionality can be restored using open source software (probably OpenLayers). However, this will require extensive reprogramming and will not be completed quickly. Indeed, the better the summer is for outdoors activities, the longer it will take. In the short run, we hope to implement expedient, duct-tape fixes that will maintain some functionality.

The affected pages include: Algonquin Route Planner, Algonquin Gazetteer, the index pages Geographical Index to Bushlog and Notes and Geographical Index to Site Photos, all embedded maps on various Bushlog and Notes pages, and the ability to display a photo's location on a map.

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