Historic Algonquin Maps

A mirror of the repository of Historic Algonquin Maps formerly hosted at algonquinmap.com. These maps are no longer available at that location.

Most of these maps were originally provided by Jeffrey McMurtrie who compiled the repository. Jeffrey is now at unlostify. Other map contributors are noted in the table below.

Note that some of these are very large files.




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Hollow L to the Mattawa R?Algonquin OutfittersDownload
(16.0 MB)
Petawawa River System?Matt & Chris JohnstonDownload
(35.9 MB)
Algonquin Park Timber Licenses?Brian ProdinDownload
(34.9 MB)
Bruton Township Survey?Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(1.4 MB)
Clyde Township Survey?Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(1.8 MB)
Harburn Township Survey?Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(1.7 MB)
Harcourt Township Survey?Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(1.4 MB)
Havelock Township Survey?Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(1.4 MB)
Hunter Township Survey?Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(1.6 MB)
Peck Township Survey?Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(1.6 MB)
Lloyd's Renfrew County Map?Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(2.4 MB)
Canada West1851Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(16.1 MB)
Muskoka & Petawawa R Survey — Oxtongue River1853Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(8.0 MB)
Muskoka & Petawawa R Survey — White Trout Lake1853Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(8.3 MB)
Muskoka & Petawawa R Survey — Radiant Lake1853Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(3.6 MB)
Muskoka & Petawawa R Survey — Lake Traverse1853Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(3.7 MB)
Renfrew County1863Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(2.0 MB)
Canadian Land and Emigration Company1875Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(1.7 MB)
Machar Township Survey1875Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(1.3 MB)
Strong Township Survey1875Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(1.9 MB)
Himsworth Township Survey1876Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(1.7 MB)
McClintock Township Survey1876Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(2.2 MB)
Pringle Township Survey1876Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(1.7 MB)
Sinclair Township Survey1876Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(2.2 MB)
Bethune Township Survey1877Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(1.8 MB)
Lawrence Township Survey1877Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(1.7 MB)
Joly Township Survey1878Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(1.6 MB)
Laurier Township Survey1878Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(2.3 MB)
Ballantyne Township Survey1879Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(1.8 MB)
McCraney Township Survey1879Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(1.5 MB)
Paxton Township Survey1879Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(1.8 MB)
Golden Lake Lumber — West1879Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(2.0 MB)
Golden Lake Lumber — East1879Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(1.9 MB)
Haliburton County1879The Howard FamilyDownload
(40.0 MB)
Biggar Township Survey1882The Howard FamilyDownload
(6.8 MB)
Osler Township Survey1883Derek SpechtDownload
(6.2 MB)
Maria Township Survey1887Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(1.7 MB)
OA&PS Railway Survey — McCraney Lake1892Derek SpechtDownload
(20.6 MB)
OA&PS Railway Survey — Canoe Lake1892Dave RobinsonDownload
(25.1 MB)
OA&PS Railway Survey — Rock Lake1892The Howard FamilyDownload
(16.7 MB)
Department of Lands & Forests1893Stephen Molson & Scott RogersDownload
(27.4 MB)
Gilmour Log Drive1894Matt & Chris JohnstonDownload
(27.3 MB)
Copp Clark Co.1900Algonquin OutfittersDownload
(27.4 MB)
Map of the Northern Lakes1901Brian ProdinDownload
(43.9 MB)
Grand Trunk Railway1905Diana McElroyDownload
(18.0 MB)
Grand Trunk Railway1906The MadmusherDownload
(19.5 MB)
Dr. Bell's Map1908Jeff, Bruce Sutton & Mark RubinoDownload
(17.8 MB)
Department of Lands & Forests1911Stephen MolsonDownload
(24.9 MB)
Grand Trunk Railway1912Diana McElroyDownload
(24.7 MB)
Huron & Ottawa Territory1913The Howard FamilyDownload
(54.2 MB)
Department of Lands, Forests & Mines1914Mark BaguDownload
(25.3 MB)
OA&PS Railway1914The MadmusherDownload
(45.8 MB)
The Canadian Northern Railway1917Mark VerscayDownload
(31.4 MB)
The Canadian Northern Railway - Reverse Side1917Derek SpechtDownload
(37.6 MB)
Department of Lands, Forests & Mines1919Jeffrey McMurtrie & Diana McElroyDownload
(47.1 MB)
Haliburton --Topographic Map1920Scott CameronDownload
(35.9 MB)
Department of Lands & Forests1921Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(23.6 MB)
Trip Log Inscribed on the Map Above1921Pete ChartersDownload
(38.3 MB)
District of Nipissing1922Scott CameronDownload
(58.4 MB)
Arthur Brown's Map1925Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(12.3 MB)
Canadian National Railway1926Jeffrey McMurtrie & Mark RubinoDownload
(17.4 MB)
Canadian National Railway — Reverse Side1926Jeffrey McMurtrie & Mark RubinoDownload
(37.6 MB)
Murchison Township Survey1931Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(1.0 MB)
Sundridge --Topographic Map1932Ron KiarDownload
(40.0 MB)
Algonquin Park --Topographic Map1934Scott RogersDownload
(40.0 MB)
Algonquin Park --Topographic Map --Index1934Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(10.5 MB)
Algonquin Park --Topographic Map1937Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(39.8 MB)
Sundridge --Topographic Map1937Peter ChartersDownload
(36.2 MB)
Haliburton County1937Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(52.9 Mb)
Huron & Ottawa Territory1937Derek SpechtDownload
(73.1 MB)
Haliburton --Topographic Map — West1938Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(20.4 MB)
Haliburton --Topographic Map — East1938Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(20.2 MB)
Highland Inn1940Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(12.3 MB)
Arthur Brown's Map1941Glenn Buckmaster and John StewartDownload
(6.5 MB)
Round Lake --Topographic Map1942Peter ChartersDownload
(36.9 MB)
Stonecliffe --Topographic Map1942Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(4.5 MB)
Aylen Lake --Topographic Map1944Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(5.1 MB)
Cartier Lake --Topographic Map1944Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(3.5 MB)
Grand Lake --Topographic Map1944Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(4.9 MB)
Haliburton --Topographic Map — West1944Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(20.7 MB)
Haliburton --Topographic Map — East1944Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(21.5 MB)
Round Lake --Topographic Map1944Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(4.5 MB)
Highland Inn1944Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(5.4 MB)
Highland Inn — Reverse Side1944Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(7.2 MB)
Algonquin Story --Watersheds1946Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(14.5 MB)
Algonquin Story --Colonization Roads1946Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(8.8 MB)
Algonquin Story --Area Map1946Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(20.1 MB)
Algonquin Story --Park Additions1946Bruce Sutton & Mark RubinoDownload
(29.6 MB)
District of South Nipissing --West1946Paul BertiDownload
(29.6 MB)
District of South Nipissing --East1946Derek SpechtDownload
(21.2 MB)
Algonquin --Topographic Map1947Graham FlittDownload
(40.2 MB)
Brent --Topographic Map1949Scott CameronDownload
(44.1 MB)
Kiosk --Topographic Map1949Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(2.8 MB)
Round Lake --Topographic Map1951Scott CameronDownload
(44.1 Mb)
Algonquin --Topographic Map1951Graham FlittDownload
(42.5 MB)
Sundridge --Topographic Map1953Matt & Chris JohnstonDownload
(41.0 MB)
Haliburton --Topographic Map1953Matt & Chris JohnstonDownload
(46.8 MB)
Map 47a1953Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(25.7 MB)
Department of Travel & Publicity — McCraney L to Cedar L1954Matt & Chris JohnstonDownload
(14.1 MB)
Map 47a1958Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(21.2 MB)
Lake Opeongo Depth Map1958Jeffrey McMurtrie & The Members of APFDownload
(14.6 MB)
Book (pdf) — Department of Lands & Forests — Angling Guide1959Diana McElroyDownload
(13.3 MB)
Map 47a1960Jeffrey McMurtrieDownload
(37.2 MB)
Algonquin --Topographic Map — East1960Matt & Chris JohnstonDownload
(22.2 MB)