Protected Historical Zones in Algonquin Park

This page provides a listing of the Historical Zones in Algonquin Park in Algonquin Park.
The Cabin at Basin Depot in Algonquin Park

(photo by Diana: 2006-10-27 - explore

The Cabin at Basin Depot — purported to be the oldest building in Algonquin Park — built 1892. It is located adjacent to the Basin Depot Farm Historical Zone (H42).

The intent of this page is to provide an index to the Historical Zones in Algonquin Park and to link to further information on these sites, if available. The focus will be on the eastern and northern side of the Park.

The key documents with respect to these sites is the Algonquin Provincial Park Management Plan and Algonquin Park Management Plan Amendment.

(For an interactive map of the historical zones of Algonquin Park see Interactive Map of Algonquin Park.)

Historical Zones in Algonquin Park

From the Algonquin Park Management Plan:

Historical Zones include any significant historical resources that require management distinct from that in adjacent zones.


The Park's Historical Zones are managed to protect them for future study and to provide an opportunity to enhance public understanding, awareness and appreciation of Algonquin Park's heritage. Historical Zones protect these sites by excluding high-intensity uses ... and limiting low-intensity uses ... Public information about site location is kept to a reasonable minimum. ...

We think it is evident from what is designated and what is not is that the primary purpose of the historical zones is the protection of undisturbed sites for future study. The correlation with there being something obvious to see or even historical significance seems much weaker. Consequently, the zones do not provide a particularly good guide for sightseeing opportunities.


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