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Ghost Lake in Algonquin Park

(photo by Bob: 2011-09-26) 

Ghost Lake is a small elongated lake in a deep valley. Its elevation is almost 100m less than that of the fire tower site. We suspect that not many people pass this way. In crossing the portage, the only footprints that we saw were from moose.

We had been hoping to connect up with the Ghost Lake Tower Trail (2), which connects Cedar Lake with Ghost Lake and (presumably) the fire tower. We saw no sign of it either at Ghost Lake or at the fire tower site.

From here we returned to the Brent Road by the same route as we had come. The trail has some steep ups and downs, and we felt we got a good workout even though the distance was only a few kilometers each way. It was a beautiful sunny fall day, warm enough to feel almost like summer, and we enjoyed hiking through the hardwood forest.

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