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Interactive Map of Algonquin Park

An interactive map focussing on Algonquin Park. The various selectable overlays provide links to the historical and nature reserve zones, geotagged photos, and bushlog and notes pages. Additional overlays are planned.

The initial overlays shown (once they have loaded) are the historical zones and nature reserve zones. The overlays shown and the base map may be selected from the map control on the top right. "Greyed out" base maps are not available at the current zoom level. All features are "clickable".


Disclaimer: These maps and overlays are for information purposes only; they are not intended for navigation and should not be used for such. The base maps tiles and some overlays have been obtained from external sources and have been used without modification. Some feature names have been modified for consistency across this website and with other sources. While these data are believed to be mostly accurate, there may be some errors. Consequently, any use of this data is not risk free. If you use this data, that risk is entirely your responsibility.


The Base Map tiles are © ArcGIS.
The "Algonquin Map" tiles (both V4 and V5) are courtesy of    Creative Commons License.
The "National Topographic", "Elevation", and "Land Sat7" map tiles are licensed under the © Open Government Licence - Canada.
The Nature Reserve Zones and the Historical Zones are reproduced by under Licence with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources   © Queen's Printer for Ontario, 2019