Point Alexander and Environs

Quebec Shore from Tack Point

Quebec Shore from Tack Point

This view of the Quebec shore is from a little downstream of Deep River. (Tack point is the minor point between Deep River and the mouth of Kennedy Creek.) The view is somewhat upstream, with Presqu'isle beyond the left side of the photo and Mount Martin and the mouth of Indian Creek beyond the right hand side of the photo.

The Quebec shore of the river is uninhabited with essentially no vestiges of civilization between here and the north pole. Indeed, much of the area shown in this photo is an ecological preserve, into which access is forbidden.

The near shoreline is typical of much of the Ontario side of the river; that is, shallow and somewhat swampy. There are also some nice sand beaches on the Ontario side of the river, but granite shorelines are essentially absent. The Ottawa River flows along a geologic fault with the Ontario side having subsided relative to the Quebec side. The Ontario side has subsequently been filled in with glacial debris.

Where is Point Alexander?