Family Trees

Descendants of Duncan MacDougall and Isabella Brown

Duncan MacDougall and Isabella Brown are my great great grand parents. Duncan MacDougall was a farmer at Long Point, Quebec. Isabella (or Elizabeth) Brown was the daughter of William and Elizabeth Brown of Goulbourn Township, Ontario.

Duncan and Isabella died young. The brothers Duncan MacDougall, Henry William MacDougall and Joseph MacDougall were brought up by Brown family members living in Goulbourn Township. All three brothers became (among other pursuits) carriage makers: Duncan in Richmond, Henry William in Carp and Joseph in Arnprior.

I am indebted to Donald Macdougall of Ottawa for kindly providing much of the data in the following table; I was aware of the descendants of Joseph MacDougall (my ancestry) but few of the others. Donald is also well versed in the history of the Bangs family. Donald may be contacted at with the subject line "Macdougall family history". (Without that subject line, the message may be spam filtered.)

Other than myself, I have not knowingly included living descendants in the following table.


Clearly there are gaps in my knowledge of Duncan and Isabella's descendants. Any information on these gaps, or missing details about those listed, would be appreciated. (If a detail such as a date, location, name, etc., is missing from the above table, it is probably because I am unaware of it.)

I would be very interested in learning about the Brown Family. If you have any information you would like to share, please contact me.

For consistency in the above table, I have used the spelling MacDougall. For many family members, Macdougall, or McDougall might be more appropriate. (I remember that my grandmother, Florence Evelyn MacDougall, had very strong feelings on the "correct" spelling of MacDougall. Unfortunately, I can't remember her preference.)

If you are listed in the above table, I am embarrassed that I have inadvertently intruded upon your privacy without permission. If desired, let me know and I will remove you from the table.

Conversely, if you are a descendant of Duncan and Isabella MacDougall and are not included in the table and would like to be, let me know, and I will include you if I can without compromising anyone else's privacy.